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Video Games etc.: XBOX, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, & Nintendo DS  

Video Games

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I have put together these pages with information, recommendations, and links to buy XBOX, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS consoles, games, and accessories. While my family owns a PlayStation 3 and my kids have Nintendo DS consoles, we naturally have friends and family with XBOX and Nintendo Wii consoles. So, I personalize some of my recommendations with our real-life experiences using these gaming systems.

The new XBOX 360 has, according to many, supplanted Sony's PlayStation platform with industry-leading specs and wide support for video games from Sega, EA, and others. There is no question that Xbox is a powerful entry in the console market and now very affordable.

The unqualified and undoubted strength of Nintendo is its dedication to pure gaming! No unneccessary frills, like DVD or such; just the best games on cool, innovation consoles. Nintendo thrives on the strength of exclusive titles: Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda.


The PlayStation 3 only does everything! This is a great machine to own. Not only is it a great gaming machine, but you can stream your Windows Media Player and Netflix to your tv, surf the 'Net, and watch Blu-Ray movies! Make sure to check the new PlayStation Move.

Nintendo continues to dominate the handheld market, most recently with the DS line. These machines have surprisingly good graphics and sounds and just a tonne of game options. Perfect for keeping the kids occupied on long trips! I highly recommend the Nintendo DS.