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biblical studies, movies, and faith in action...

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Welcome to! Thank-you for coming to visit my little corner in cyberspace. I chose the name as a deliberate reference to Aragorn's refashioned sword, Andúril, which means "flame of the west," because I am a fan of Lord of the Rings; the author of Ephesians identifies the word of God, which is the focus of this website, as a sword; Christians are commanded to be a light or flame in the world; and, I was born in western Canada. Throughout, I provide insights into biblical studies, ancient history, and movies within the context of a critical Christian worldview.

In the biblical studies section of this website, you will find a bookstore for biblical studies and Christian literature with some helpful guides and short summaries to books that I recommend. The biblical studies section also features Bible software reviews; a collection of essays written during my studies at Taylor University College, the University of Alberta, and Penn State University; as well as, various other resources to assist the academic and lay student of the Bible.

In the movies section of this website, you will find an annotated list that explores 10 great directors and 100 great movies as well as a storefront, Reel Bible, which promotes Christian engagement with film and highlights some of the great movies related to the Hebrew and Christian Bible. If you are interested in the Xbox, Playstation 3, or Wii, stop by video games etc. to browse and buy the latest games and hardware.

Perhaps most importantly though, I am committed to faith in action. In my causes, I provide information and resources on autism and ankylosing spondylitis, promoting liberty, and socio-economic and faith-based initiatives. These issues are important to me and so I hope you will take some time to learn about them, or even contribute!

My hope is that is a useful website, especially for discovering insights into biblical studies, faith in action, and movies. Take some time to look around, read and comment on my Blog, learn more about me, Ken Ristau, and remember to bookmark any pages in the site so that you can return often. I also encourage you to support my website by using the links to the trusted merchants I feature throughout the site, buying the products from the links on this site, or making a secure donation.