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Christian Theology

Many Religions One Covenant

Many Religions, One Covenant:
Israel, the Church, and the World

by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)

Cardinal Ratzinger presents a lucid summary of the central theological issues arising out of the covenant shared by Jews and Christians. Insisting that the Abrahamic and Chrisitian covenants represent a single movement of God in his work of reconciliation, Ratzinger shows how the work of Christ is a fulfillment of God's promise announced in the covenant with Abraham. Ratzinger recognizes that for this blessing to be realized, priority must be given to the relationship between Jews and Christians. Until Christians recognize their fundamental kinship with Judaism and Jews, and until that recognition leads to reconciliation between them, the proclamation of God's reconciling work in the world will be truncated and compromised. The often tragic misunderstandings in Chrisitian Jewish relationships raise very specific difficulties, especially for Jews, and Christians have a major responsibility to address those difficulties. Ratzinger's presentation should be read by Christians, Jews and others for the clear and consise scriptural and theological perspective it offers. (Review by Jim Woods). more...

| Recommended Christian Theology Books |

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Historical Theology

A Short History of Christian Doctrine
by Bernhard Lohse
This is an excellent introduction to the development of church doctrine since the 1st century. Lohse includes timelines and resources relevant to the topics of each chapter. The book does have a European bias, particularly in the discussion of the Protestant church of the 20th century. more...

Creeds, Councils and Christ
by Gerald Bray
An Anglican Professor, Gerald Bray provides an insightful analysis of the history and development of early Church doctrine. He also defends the classical orthodox beliefs of early creeds as consistent with Scripture. more...

Systematic Theology

Christian Theology
by Millard Erickson
In all probability, this book is the best systematic theology written from an Evangelical Baptist perspective (at least since Augustus Strong). I disagree with Erickson in parts but unlike other writers he does present those views with which he disagrees and does them some justice. more...


The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions
by Marcus Borg & N.T. Wright
Two great Jesus scholars go head-to-head in one great book! A great way to learn about the Jesus Seminar directly from one of its leading scholars (Marcus Borg) while at the same time receiving insight into the classic Evangelical understanding of the person of Jesus (N.T. Wright). more...

The Case for Christ
by Lee Strobel
A self-avowed atheist/agnostic investigates the scientific, historical and philosophical evidence concerning Jesus Christ and finds himself persuaded by the facts. more...

Mere Christianity
by C.S. Lewis
The classic apologetic work by the renowed Evangelical Christian British author. This book needs no further introduction. more...

Classic Treatises

Church Dogmatics
by Karl Barth
The magnum opus of German Protestant, Evangelical Theology. Church Dogmatics consists of fourteen books including the Index with Aids to the Preacher. One of the greatest achievements in theology! more...

Institutes of the Christian Religion
translated by Henry Beveridge
John Calvin's magnum opus is a must for any theologian. Systematically covers all the central doctrines of the Reformed Protestant tradition. This translation is my favourite. more...

Summa Theologica
by St. Thomas Aquinas
One of the world's most renowned masterpieces, this brilliant synthesis of Christian thought has had a permanent impact on religion since the 13th century and has largely become the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. No library is complete without it. [Excerpt from Synopsis] more...

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