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Links to Biblical Studies Resources

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On the web, there are an abundance of resources that can assist you in biblical interpretation and research. Most of these resources are even free. I have chosen the best sites in the area of biblical studies that I have discovered; all of these site have high quality resources. Here is a quick review/overview of my favourite biblical studies websites:

iTanakh: Resources for Academic Study
iTanakh is a site that collects links to academic resources on the web. Dr. Christopher Heard ensures that all websites included in the iTanakh database are high quality resources.
Codex: Resources for the Academic Study of the Bible
Codex is a website of created by my friend and former professor, Tyler F. Williams. This website is full of great resources for teachers, students, and lay people with a lot of original content. Tyler is Professor of Old Testament at Taylor University College.
E. Ben Zvi's Teaching Homepage
Dr. Ehud Ben Zvi is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Alberta. He is also my graduate advisor. His teaching homepage includes excellent resources for researchers in biblical studies. Dr. Ehud Ben Zvi also manages the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.
R. Klein's Old Testament and ANE Website
Ralph Klein is a highly respected and accomplished scholar in Old Testament. His website has copious amounts of resources for biblical studies, including many of his own research notes and documents.
Old Testament Gateway
Old Testament Gateway is a massive database of links relating to the study of the Old Testament.
The Jerusalem Archaeological Park
The Jerusalem Archaeological Park is an official devoted to disseminating information about archaeology in Jerusalem. This website uses impressive Flash animation to create a highly engaging look at Jerusalem through the centuries. provides a massive database of links to articles, books, and resources for the study of the Bible.
This website features a large database of links to articles, books, and resources on the Early Church.
Teknia Software, Inc.
Attention Greek students! Teknia Software, owned by Bill Mounce, a leading Greek scholar and author, provides an awesome, free program called Teknia Language Tools, which includes a FlashWorks and ParseWorks program. These programs are a must for Greek students. features a great selection of pictures of Palestine.
ICLNet Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
ICLNet has cultivated a comprehensive, if not exhaustive, collection of web links to Christian Literature. You'll be able to find Bibles, books, articles, reviews, creeds and more.
Canadian Society of Biblical Studies
The Canadian Society of Biblical Studies, or CSBS, is the largest learned society in Canada devoted to the development of biblical studies in this country. If you are a biblical studies student or scholar in Canada, you should join this society. I am a member since 2002.
Society of Biblical Literature
For those individuals that intend to make biblical studies their profession, it is highly recommended that you join this society of the world's leading scholars. Membership grants you access to a wide range of benefits, including exclusive online access to eBooks, the HarperCollins Dictionary and Commentary and other important documents.