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Biblical Studies and Christian Literature

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Welcome to your BookSource for Biblical Studies and Christian literature In this bookstore, I organize, highlight, and recommend valuable books—the books you don't normally hear about or find very easily in a local bookstore or online shop. As a PhD student, I have read a lot of books in Biblical Studies and have had considerable exposure to quality Christian literature. My library is growing constantly as I buy books for my graduate studies in Biblical Studies. Hopefully, through browsing the books I review and recommend here you will add to your library, or cultivate a new one, as well as grow in your understanding of the Bible. To navigate the bookstore, use the menu above with the different "aisles" you can visit. If you can not find the book you want, you can either use my Search Tools or choose one of the merchants in the menu on your left. When you buy books through the links, you support this website, my family, and my education at no extra cost to you! Thank-you and I hope you enjoy browsing for books.