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Books and Reviews: Greek Historians  

Greek Historians

The Greek Historians
by T.J. Luce

The Greeks redefined "history" as a literary genre in the fifth century BCE. The first Greek historians owed much to Homer and adopted his vivid and direct style in narrating historical events. Yet, despite the influence of Homer, the birth of history was basically a reaction against mythical accounts of the past. Homer wrote about war and travel in foreign lands, in the distant and mythical past. In contrast, the Greek historians of the fifth century wrote about contemporary or very recent events. The Greek Historians follows the development of history from Herodotus, via Thucydides, Xenophon and Polybius, until the Hellenistic age. It introduces the writers and their topics and also outlines their attitudes to historiography and their criticisms of each other. Written in an accessible and captivating manner, with suggestions for further reading, this book serves as a lucid introduction to Greek historians and historiography. more...

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Herodotus: Primary Texts

Historiae (OCT)
Vol. 1: Books I-IV,
Vol. 2: Books V-IX
ed. by Carolvs Hude

The Histories
(Penguin Classics)

trans. by Aubrey De Selincourt

The Histories
(Oxford World's Classics)

trans. by Robin Waterfield

Herodotus: Scholarship

The Historical Method of Herodotus
by Donald Lateiner

Brill's Companion to Herodotus
ed. by Egbert J. Bakker et al.

Thucydides: Primary Texts

Historiae (OCT)
ed. by H. Stuart Jones

The Landmark Thucydides
trans. by Robert Strassler

The History of the Peloponnesian War (Penguin Classics)
trans. by Rex Warner

Thucydides: Scholarship

A War Like No Other
by Victor D. Hanson

The Peloponnesian War
by Donald Kagan

Xenophon: Primary Texts

Xenophontis Opera Omnia (OCT)
ed. by E. C. Marchant

Historiae Graeca (OCT)
ed. by E. C. Marchant

Expeditio Cyri (OCT)
ed. by E. C. Marchant

A History of My Times (Penguin Classics)
trans. by Rex Warner

The Persian Expedition (Penguin Classics)
trans. by Rex Warner

Xenophon: Scholarship

Xenophon and the History of My Times
by John Dillery

Lessons from the Past
by Frances Pownall

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