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about me: Ken Ristau

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My Family! is the personal website of Ken Ristau. I have many passions in life but my most important is my family: my wife, Melissa, my daughter, Delaney, and my two sons, Miccah and Aidan! Secondary to that privilege and responsibility, I am an ABD student working towards a Ph.D. in History at The Pennsylvania State University. We are Penn State! This website helps support me and gives me an opportunity to share with you things I have learned and discovered.

To learn more about me, you can read my Statement of Beliefs, my Fact Sheet, my Resume, or my Blog, or visit me on Facebook. about me also points to my Family & Friends webpage, which provides links to relatives and friends who have a web presence.

I built this website and work on it for three reasons: (1) I enjoy website development as a hobby, (2) I want to encourage Christians to engage culture and faith in realistic and thoughful ways, and (3) I can earn some modest income from any purchases visitors make after clicking on the links throughout this website. Please support my website by making your online purchases using the links throughout, recommending this site to your family and friends, clicking on the advertiser's links (placed by Google) at the bottom of each page, linking your website to mine, and/or making a secure donation to "CKWeb" through PayPal (credit cards accepted).